The Mitsubishi Mirage is the perfect car for any
kind of lifestyle - a cleverly designed vehicle
that boasts features wrapped in a very stylish
exterior that will surely excite you every time
you see it.
Besides being eco-friendly and fuel efficient,
the Mitsubishi Mirage ensures that you will
always get a remarkable driving experience. Its
compact body allows the car to easily weave
its way in and out of tight spots while still
providing amazing leg and head room for up
to five adults.
The car comes in 8 colors that surely suit your
style and taste. The Mitsubishi Mirage is the car
for everyone, so go and make it yours.

The MIVEC adjusts the timing of the intake camshafts for optimal performance across the RPM range. By optimizing the valve timing, more air is allowed into the cylinder, ensuring a more efficient burn.

Thanks to the MIVEC engine, the Mirage is able to achieve an outstanding fuel economy of up to 21km/L.

An exciting driving experience is just at your fingertips. Just press the button and you’re on your way!

The Mirage’s cabin gives a sense of space not found in other sub-compact cars. This elegant design prides itself for being able to provide great comfort along with amazing leg and head room for up to five adults.

The Mitsubishi Mirage’s exterior is form and function combined. It’s perfect for city driving thanks to its compact frame and a slew of safety features ensuring that the car will keep you safe. Reflecting powerful design attributes, the car’s aesthetic and functional features come together to fulfill the car’s role as a very stylish and exciting vehicle.

These 8-spoke 15-inch wheels truly make your Mirage sleek and sporty.

Be confident when driving through fog, rain or mist with the Mirage’s foglamps.
The Mirage has a smooth, aerodynamic shape that gives less drag and makes your car glide through the air. The front bumper most especially is designed for air to flow along the sides, improving fuel economy in style.

Every part of the Mirage is a marriage of function and style. The spoiler on the GLS not only gives
the car a sophisticated look but also helps reduce drag while the high-visibility LED-type 3rd Brake
Lamps makes you more visible to other drivers on the road, thus ensuring your safety. Also, keeping
a close eye on what’s behind you during harsh weather condition is made a lot easier thanks to the
rear wiper and defogger.
The moment you climb into the Mitsubishi Mirage, you will feel that the
interior was crafted for the joy and comfort of both passenger and driver. The
car has amazing leg and headroom for up to five adults. Top-notch
entertainment at your fingertips, supportive fabric seats, plus a slew of other features ensures that you enjoy every minute you spend in your car.

The Mitsubishi Mirage makes sure that everything is within reach at all times.
The dashboard provides the perfect combination of providing easy access to
the car’s features while letting you comfortably keep your eyes on the road. Its piano-black interior accented with chrome trimmings exudes a sense of luxury
that no other sub-compact car in the market.
Multimedia Entertainment System (Dealer Option) (GLS)
Enjoy the drive with the Mirage’s assortment of
entertainment features: 4-speaker audio system,
8-inch LCD screen, GPS Navigation, DVD, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and iPod-ready capabilities.
INVECS - III Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)Maximizing the engine power and RPM is the key to excellent fuel economy while also providing smooth and agile driving feel throughout the rev range.
Multi-Information DisplayOdometer, Trip Meter, Meter Illumination Control, Driving Range Display, Average Fuel Consumption, Service Reminder are displayed for the driver’s convenience.
Glove Box CompartmentSafely store any valuables you want to bring with you. From your precious sunglasses to water bottles, the Mirage’s glove box can store them all
60:40 Split Rear Seats(GLS)Fold one seat or both to accommodate almost anything you wish to bring.
Flexible Cargo SpaceThe 235-Liter cargo space can be expanded further with the rear foldable seats.