It’s your Sport Truck

The all-new Strada takes the power and reliability of a traditional pickup and adds the comfort of a sedan for an unveiled sense of adventure. With a larger interior space and rally-proven technology, conquering the outdoors has never been easier… or more fun. This is the sporty truck you’ve been waiting for. Time to make your mark on the world.
Strada 2.5 GLX 4x2 MT
Strada 2.5 GLX V 4x2 AT
Strada 2.5 GLS V 4x4 MT
Strada 2.5 GLS Sport V 4x4 AT
Strada 2.5 GLS V 4x4 MT SE (Field Master)
Strada 2.5 GLS Sport V 4x4 AT SE (Field Master)
Strada GT-V 4x4 MT
Strada GT-V 4x4 AT

The Strada is your all-in-one sport truck, catering to your loading needs while giving you a sporty feel.

The Strada boasts of the best-in-class legroom and rear seatback angle.
With the Strada’s rally-proven technology, this sport truck can take you anywhere.
Drive your way with these safety features.